Oh, hey! Its me, Michelle!

I'm based out of Kelowna, right in the heart of the gorgeous Okanagan. Capturing your love AND chaos is what I'm here for. And iced latte's - I'm always here for iced latte's. And country music.

Becoming a mama has taught me how quickly my babies grow (see how tall my first born is - this photo is older now - he's currently 15 and 6'5" tall!) and has me wanting to forever hang onto those little moments. Things I may forget. Things I know I'll forget. It's what keeps my heart beating. My 11 year old's hilarious adult teeth coming in, my 15 year old discovering being "cool", my 2 year olds curly hair and my new baby who's quickly growing out of the newborn phase. And of course my husbands patience and love for me with my request for family photos (let's be real here!). And I'm here to help you cherish those memories for a lifetime.

I don't want perfect. THAT is what a "picture perfect portrait" is to me.  Don't look at me and tell your kids to smile. In fact, don't look at me at all! (Okay, maybe I'll ask you to make eye contact with my lens here and there). I want you to show up and be exactly who you all are. Don't scold your kids for running wild - let them be free and engage WITH them! Wrap them in a hug, airplane them through the air and tell them how much they mean to you.

We will sit down in the grass, dance, laugh, piggyback, snuggle and run fingers through hair and across cheeks (your babies, not mine, haha!), run wild, bear hug, tickle and create some amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

(Photo credit of my gorgeus family in 2022 goes to Katy Stewart of Moments for Mamas - based out of Summerland, BC)